Friday, 8 May 2009

Peacock - Our Masterpiece

Our Peacock.. It was done by Sushmita, Varsha and me. It now hangs proudly in Sushmita's new home.
As Sush grandma commented to us: the time we spent doing this painting was memorable indeed. We lodged ourselves in her house for the greater part of two weeks during odd hours of the day and got it done. We haven't done anything as big as this before, so it is our masterpiece.. I can't take my eyes off it.. I hope you can't too :)


  1. Yes my dear, can't take my eyes off it :-) and thanks a lot... We are great together!

  2. The time we spent while doing this is so cherishable!!! We three of us will create more and more new things in the future....

  3. this is just too gud... surely a masterpiece... working together must have been fun!!!

  4. no doubt,it is a master piece.i also couldnt take my eyes off!nice colour is giving a 3 d effect.

  5. Hi shobana,
    Love your peacock painting..
    My daughter loves it too...
    She wants me to do a similar painting for our new home :)
    Will you please share the picture with me, so that i can use it as my stencil for the painting?

  6. Sushmita, Varsha and Shobana,
    Amazing working...I am very much inspired by you to try one.
    Will be you be able to share the pattern if you have it with you.
    Once again I cant take my eyes off..

  7. is painting mai koon sai glass color use hoe hain crystalline ya transparent

  8. I am looking for a same one. I am based in London. Can you help me to purchase one of this Peacock painting.

    1. The size of the glass is 65.5cm * 129cm

  9. Work of you trio - is superb, Amazing working...Will be you be able to share the pattern as I'm very bad at drawing. My kids want it in their room. Thanks much.


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